About us

Monochrome LCD modules (Segment LCD,Character LCD and graphic LCD),TFT LCD modules,PMOLED (Passive Matrix OLED) Display manufacturering, One-stop display technical solutioin provider.

Established in 2008, Evertron Co.,Limited is the leading manufacturer of LCD display and modules in Central Linjiang industrial Park.HeYuan City,Guangdong,China.

Evertron built its reputation by offering advanced technology, design services and manufacturing efficiency in Character OLED modules, Graphic OLED modules, TFT LCM display modules, Monochrome Character LCD modules, Graphic LCM display modules products. Our products are for small and medium sizes and covered in industrial and consumer applications.

Evertron has consistently experienced strong growth by building solid partnerships with our customers and suppliers. Our goal is to provide our customers with “Competitive Price”, “Highest Quality” and “In-time Services”. Evertron is ready to serve as your best partner of the display solutions.